Hi Jeff,
My husband and I had a pleasant long weekend at my mother's cabin.  THANK YOU for the wonderful job that your company did on our projects.  I know from my own Oakland homeowner experience how difficult and important it is to properly flash a chimney, and I appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship of your crew.

You are my #1 roofer, and someday when the stovepipes fall over, you and Tahoe Heating and Plumbing can do that project, and you can replace the missing roof screws at the same time.

Thanks again,
Karen Chan

SO glad we chose Mountain Roofing.  owner Jeff and his crew installed a new roof for our 1970's cabin in Tahoma.  Mountain Roofing did a fine job!  

*competitive price
*completed on time
*left the yard clean of debris
***responsive and clear in communications***

here's a real five star experience:
we contacted Jeff in late October of 2015, after another roofer who we thought we scheduled could not commit to getting to Tahoe to do our job.  Jeff was great in squeezing us in to Mountain Roofing's already busy schedule.  he did not over-promise, and also suggested a contingency to manage installing a new roof in the (likely)event of snowfall.  in very early December, Mountain Roofing completed our new roof, just days ahead of the first snowfall.  Yay!

in March, we found a wet spot on the ceiling, inside a closet.  thinking it was the roof (IT WAS NOT), we called Jeff. it turned out our furnace in the attic crawlspace had a cracked pipe, leaking condensation onto the ceiling.  

here's the point:  
we called-emailed Mountain Roofing after 6 p.m. on a Thursday evening
Jeff  emailed back at 6 a.m. Friday
Jeff got to the house first thing in the morning on Friday, found the source of the leak, emailed us a picture so we could email the pic to our furnace service.  

Mountain Roofing is a quality business and Jeff is a great guy!


We arrived at our West Shore cabin and discovered a "drip, drip, drip" roof leak during a holiday period. Jeff promptly responded to our Sunday phone message on Monday morning--and he provided us with a quick fix and a permanent solution to our problem.  He is very knowledgeable in all facets of roofing and repairs and the Mountain Roofing website provided us with important information about the products that they install.  

I strongly recommend!

Carolyn D.