North Lake Tahoe's Premier Roofing Contractor

30+ years of designing roofs that stand up to the harsh winters of Lake Tahoe. 

Our experience makes the difference.

For over 30 years Mountain Roofing has been dedicated to being a trusted and well respected North Lake Tahoe roofing contractor.  Jeff Glickman owns the company and he's passionate about doing right by his customers and his community.  Roof inspections, estimates, and throughout the entire process, his focus is on top quality work at a reasonable price.  When you talk with Jeff Glickman and his crew at Mountain Roofing it's easy to see why so many refer to them as one of the top North Lake Tahoe roofing contractors.  From repairing ice dams to custom roofs with unique materials and custom metal finishes, Mountain Roofing takes the time on every job to ensure the delivery of a top quality product and customers that rave about their experience.

"As a North Lake Tahoe real estate broker, I rely on local businesses like Mountain Roofing.  Most of the properties here are owned as second / vacation homes.  Our clients (Lake Tahoe homeowners and buyers) need to be connected to quality local businesses.  Jeff Glickman is a solid down to earth person.  From simple to extremely custom, his work is top quality and his approach to business and his community is refreshing.  

Whether it's a modest cabin or a lakefront estate, Mountain Roofing is our top choice in North Lake Tahoe."  

Tristan Roberts - North Lake Tahoe Real Estate Agent