Types / materials

To assist you in determining the type of roof most appropriate for your home please Request An Estimate.
Generally however, there are four types of roofing materials that are commonly used in the Lake Tahoe area.

Composition Shingles

Generally, composition shingles are the most affordable solution for roofing your home. We offer the following products. However, if you already have a particular product in mind, we would be more than happy to discuss this with you.

Certainteed Presidential Shake TL
(link to view their website)

Presidential Shake TL, the luxury shingles with the look of cedar shakes and the performance of one of the finest composition roofing solutions in the industry.  
The Presidential TL Shake comes with a lifetime warranty.





Certainteed Presidential Shake.
(link to view product)  The Presidential Shake is the original luxury shingle created to replicate the look of cedar shakes with the performance of fiber glass construction. Presidential Shake shingles deliver the charm and character of hand-split wood shakes with the durability and strength that presides over wood in virtually every surrounding.

Detailed, intricate design work went into this tab design for a truly distinct sculpted, dimensional appearance
This laminate looks like the old, original wood shake look shingle

The Presidential Shake comes with a lifetime warranty and is a decorative shingle, but is more affordable compared to the Presidential TL Shake.




​Certainteed Landmark TL 
(link to view product) Three laminated layers of the industry's most durable materials, providing a dramatically thick roofing product styled with the classic appeal of wood shakes. Landmark TL is the triple performance shake that has the hand-split look of cedar and the durable dimension of tri-laminate technology.

Tough, patented 3-layer laminate design provides ultimate durability and the dramatically thick roofing style of classic wood shakes.

Random tab design and unique natural shadows gives luxurious dimensional character to the shingles

The Landmark TL comes with a lifetime warranty.




​Certainteed Landmark Premium 
(link to view product) When you choose Landmark Premium, you make the decision that assures the beauty, durability and security of your home for generations.  Landmark Premium is engineered to outperform ordinary roofing in every category, keeping you comfortable, your home protected, and your peace-of-mind intact for years to come with a transferable warranty that's a leader in the industry.

With Max Def colors, a new dimension is added to shingles with a richer mixture of surface granules.  You get a brighter, more vibrant, more dramatic appearance and depth of color.  And the natural beauty of your roof shines through

The Landmark Premium comes with a 50 year warranty.




​Certainteed Landmark Pro With a 40 Year Warranty 
(link to view product)

When you choose Landmark™ Plus shingles, you make the decision that assures the beauty, durability and security of your home for generations. Landmark Plus takes roofing to a higher level. It is engineered to outperform ordinary roofing in every category and has the widest array of colors than any other shingle.






Torch Down

For flat roofs or some problematic areas torch down is the best solution. We offer a 3 ply system that meets all weather challenges in the Lake Tahoe area.

We use Certainteed Flintlastic Modified Bitumen APP Roofing Membrane (Torch Application). (link to view product)

The first and second ply is STA Smooth , the top ply is GTA colored granules.  The top ply comes in the following colors:  Burnt Sienna, Colonial Slate, Heather Blend, Moiré Black, Resawn Shake, Weathered Wood, White.





Metal Roofing

Standing Seam Metal Roofing.  In addition to composition shingles, we also offer Standing Seam metal roofing systems. At the time of your estimate, we will determine if a metal roof is appropriate for your home. 

If a metal roof is determined to be the better option for your home, we offer the Taylor Metal products. In our professional opinion, Taylor Metals products are the best solution for the Tahoe climate. Mountain Roofing can also manufacture custom metal panels for your home in our sheet metal shop. For more information please contact us.




"Weathering Steel" Corten Roofing 

The look of a rustic metal roof on a new or re-roof project has proven to be a great way to have the look of aged oxide matte finish steel. 






The look of wood shakes and shingles

To achieve the look of a true mountain home, consider the look of wood shakes or shingles by cedur.com. The beautiful, classic look of natural cedar shakes paired with unmatched durability and safety that lasts.  

For more than 15 years CeDUR has proven itself a premier roofing material in one of nature’s toughest testing grounds—the Western United States—where hail, wind, fire, and harsh UV sunlight conspire against all things man made. Manufactured in Colorado using our State-of-the-Art Polyurethane Technology, CeDUR Shakes perform like no other, delivering both elegance and durability for residential and commercial applications.



Metal Eaves

Metal Eaves are a good solution for problematic ice dams.  
We remove the bottom 3 feet of your existing roof and install a Metal Eave.