Insulation options

In the Tahoe area, older houses were primarily built as summer homes and consequently there is little to no thermal insulation in the roof. Typically, Tongue & Groove ceilings were applied over the roof rafters with shakes attached directly to it. Unfortunately, with this type of application, the temperature of the home would be either very cold or very warm. In the winter, significant heat loss causes substantial heating costs as well as allowing the creation of ice dams.

To avoid this problem, insulation is now used to maintain a consistent temperature. We offer three insulation options:

1/2'' Plywood Sheeting Overlay: No R-value, but provides a smooth surface for roof attachment and prevents leaks caused by ice dammed water.

R-15 Nailable Base Insulation: A 2 ½" sheet of nailable base insulation is attached to tongue and groove roof decking that consists of 2" rigid insulation, laminated to a ½" OSB. This system provides good insulation and a smooth surface for roof attachment but it is not ventilated.

R-28 Vented Insulation System: A minimum of 4" rigid insulation is placed on the roof with 2"x 4" boards laid flat against it, lag bolted to the rafters. An additional 2" x 4" is placed between the rafters and is lag bolted to 1 ½" tongue and groove. This system provides excellent insulation and ventilation for your home. Due to the significant build-up of the roof this system comes with new 2x8 fascia. Fascia detail can be changed upon personal preferences.